Building a Strong Artificial Intelligence
by re-creating Human Intelligence in all

About Us

CyberMind Technology is developing strong AI (also known as Artificial General Intelligence). We duplicate in the AI the structures and processes of the human mind. We analyze the emerging structures and processes starting from early childhood and as a person grows up and the appearance of new formations in the human psyche, and in the same way, step-by-step, we re-create them in the AI. Thanks to this approach, our technology understands a person as a person, learns from books and other content for a person, and is the closest to human intelligence in contrast to other widely used AI approaches.

"Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men."

Marvin Minsky, co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AI laboratory.

Features of our architecture

Understands the usual human content and receives knowledge of the surrounding world or subject area from them.

Forms the structure of knowledge identical with that of a human, that is, understands exactly how a person does.

The conclusions of AI are justified and understandable to a person.

Re-created emotions and motivation.

Now in development

AI with the re-created mind of a 7-year-old person:

- understands ordinary human texts;
- if there is a lack of information, it asks questions;
- erudition and emotions correspond to the age.

Next stage

AI with the re-created mind of a 16-year-old person:

- abstract thinking and the ability to change its knowledge structure by itself;
- understands any texts, except for scientific texts;
- uses social roles.


The team of CyberMind Technology comprises 14 experts from Ukraine, Canada, and Germany. The core of our team is formed by highly-qualified psychologists, psychoanalysts, mathematicians, and linguists. Since 2011, we are joined by the common vision of the human psyche and the capabilities of digitizing it.  

Roman Orekhov, CEO

Over 15 years of experience from startups to 600+ employees and FDA approved information systems. Has experience in implementing projects with a wide range of partners incl. global companies.  

Alexander Holovan, Head of research

12+ years of experience in implementing projects at the intersection of psychology and IT. Holds a Master's degree in Psychology. Is a Senior Lecturer and a member of the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy, member of European Association for Psychotherapy.  

Maryna Svitasheva, Ph.D., Research Tech lead

Registered Psychotherapist of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the author of 5 scientific papers.  

Sergiy Svitashev, Ph.D., Research Tech lead

Registered Psychotherapist of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, author of 21 scientific papers and of the book "Psychotherapy And Cognition“.

Dima Malenko, Head of software development

Software engineering manager with great experience in designing and development of software systems and leading engineering teams. A frequent speaker, author of numerous articles, and co-author of 2 books on software technology.

Konstantin Zhereb, Ph.D., Software Development Senior Researcher

Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics, National University of Kyiv. Author and co-author of more than 40 scientific papers, co-author of 2 books on computer science and software engineering.